CONTRAIL (the flow of my journey)

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Leaving JAPAN

Fushiki port
On 19/Jun/2003 I left Fushiki in Japan for Urajiostok in Russia by ferry.

Crossing over EURASIA

Crossing RUSSIA

It took about 1 month. It seems that I'm the third Japanese who crossed RUSSIA by motorcycle without conveyance by train and so on.

The northernmost point of EURASIA

Nord cap
On 13/Aug/2003 I arrived at Nord Cap in NORWAY.

The westernmost point of EURASIA

Roca cap
On 06/Jan/2004 I arrived at Roca Cap in PORTUGAL.

The southwesternmost point of EURASIA

San Vicente cap
On 11/Jan/2004 I arrived at San Vicente Cap in PORTUGAL.

Going around AFRICA

On 17/Jan/2004 I left Algeciras in SPAIN for Tanger in MOROCCO by ferry. And arrived on the same day.

The northwesternmost point of AFRICA

Spartel cap
On 18/Jan/2004 I arrived at Cape Spartel in MOROCCO.

Going through the SAHARA

The Sahara The Sahara The Sahara
On 14/Feb/2004 I left Nouadhibou in MAURITANIA for Nouakchott. I could go through the SAHARA (the western SAHARA) by 3 days with French overlanders. It was 521 km desert area between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott.

Visiting the monument of KAMION'YU TAKASHI

On 30/Mar/2004 I paid a courtesy visit the monument of KAMION'YU TAKASHI at Menaka in MALI. Mr. KAMION'YU, a Japanese adventurer tried to cross the SAHARA from the west to the east by camel. But he died on the way of the crossing in 1975.

The southwesternmost point of AFRICA

Cape of Good Hope
On 19/Feb/2005 I arrived at Cape of Good Hope in RSA.

The southernmost point of AFRICA

Cape of Agulhas
On 05/Apr/2005 I arrived at Cape Agulhas in RSA.

Going through the Makgadikgadi Pan

Salt Pan
On 12/May/2005 I went through Makgadikgadi Pan (salt pan) in BOTSWANA. At the same time I got the GPS track data.

Winning a prize of the photo contest 2005

Horizons Unlimited, that is a group of world-scale motorcycle travellers. And I won a prize of the photo contest 2005 of this group. Refer to the following.

At first the photo was planned to be a calendar. But the printing office rejected to print it because of the nude.

Visiting the monument of SEKINO YOSHIHARU

model of the footprintsealed footprintsmonument
On 30/May/2006 I paid a courtesy visit the monument of SEKINO YOSHIHARU at Laetoli in TANZANIA. Dr. SEKINO, a Japanese scientist trotter started the southern end of South America in 1993 and travelled by manpower (bicycle, canoe and so on) all the way. At last on 08/Feb/2002 he could arrive at Laetoli footprint track. His travel was to follow the human spread history in reverse.

Escape from AFRICA

On 20/Sep/2006 I could leave EGYPT for ISRAEL.


Getting over the east mountain passes

mountain pass
Beginning of November/2006, the temperature was -8 degree, some sections were covered with snow and ice. I could get over the mountain passes in the light snow and glacial winds. Then I arrived at HOPA, where is along the Black Sea.
From Erzurum I drove for the east. From Dogubayazit, where was the foot of Mt. Ararat I headed for the northwest. Then I arrived at HOPA via Ardahan.

Winning a prize of the photo contest 2006

Horizons Unlimited, that is a group of world-scale motorcycle travellers. And I won a prize of the photo contest 2006 of this group. Two-year continuous winning. Refer to the following.

Crossing Over EURASIA again

Crossing Middle Europe & RUSSIA & MONGOLIA

GANDAN Monastery, MONGOLIA Bush-Camping, RUSSIA
It took about 1 month. I entered RUSSIA from UKRAINE and drove to Sakhalin Island. Almost everyday it was bush-camping. On the way I visited MONGOLIA from Ulan-Ude (RUSSIA), too.

Arrival Back in JAPAN

Promised Point, SESEKI hotspringWakkanai ferry port
19/Sep/2007 I could arrive at Wakkanai in JAPAN from Korsakov (Sakhalin Island in RUSSIA) by ferry. 30/Sep Mission Complete Declaration at SESEKI hotspring in Hokkaido, that is my 'Promised Point.' (Photo by : S)

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